Living with the Amish

“I really understand why people are drawn back to the safety of the community, and why some people never leave.”


What’s the world coming to?

I’ve been asked this question today on my doorstep by two Jehovah Witnesses. It was their tag into hinting at the second coming of Jesus and the end of the world: their point being that God is about to intervene in the world, as humanity has reached such a low point. I said, “I think that God intervenes all the time” (though I’m not certain of this and my Christian beliefs at the moment).

The idea of a big final intervention because things have got so bad might seem hopeful if you don’t think there’s anything important about life in this world – if you think that what comes at the end, or even after the end, is more important. But it strikes me as very top-down and dis-empowering, and focussed on the product not the process.

How much more empowering, bottom-up, and process focussed, is regular intervention; while continual involvement (which is perhaps what I really meant) would be the ideal. Even if it’s by someone with more power than the community, just by them being involved all the time lends so much – in terms of valuing the people and the process.