Don’t Spy On Us – Message to my MP

See for more information and to join the campaign.

Here’s what I wrote to my MP:

Please campaign to bring democratic balance back to the intelligence services and their data collection and surveillance practices.

The fact that the intelligence community and police authorities say they need the opaque powers to collect so much data, does NOT mean they should get those powers.  Their powerful voices need balancing by an independent and transparent judiciary and an elected parliament which listens to all the people.

Even though my data is not likely to be of interest to GCHQ and others, the fact that they can and probably do store at least some of it takes away some of my privacy and freedom.  As well as creating the potential for errors and miscarriages of justice in the future.

I would rather live in a country where some dangerous information is not known about by government or private companies, than live in a country where none of the information about me is “off limits” to the security services.  Living with and managing risk is part of life, and privacy and freedom are fundamental to a decent human existence.

Please don’t let the government’s good intentions to protect us all take us down the path of increasing authoritarianism.  This only legitimises the efforts by dictators to proceed likewise.

Please work to establish an independent inquiry to report before the next general election to recommend legislative reform on this issue.  And please be part of a parliament that does a better job of holding the intelligence agencies to account.

Thank you.



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