That’s Britain! Episode 1 – Junk Mail, Bus Conductors, Missing Luggage, Rubbish & Littering, Public Spirit, Pot-holes, Blood Transplant Centre

Junk Mail

  1. We get too much of it
  2. The Royal Mail depends on the revenue it gets from delivering it
  3. There’s no way to control it, though the government is implementing a one-stop opt-out from April 2012 for the junk mail that gets sent to us at our address on the edited electoral roll
  4. Even having registered with the Mail Preference Service (and the Telephone Preference Service) I still receive a lot of, mainly anonymously addressed, junk mail – and I guess this will continue even with the new opt-out, because the electoral roll isn’t the only source of addresses, and the Royal Mail isn’t the only deliverer of junk mail.

So… the solution not mentioned on the programme, is for people to opt-in to specific sorts of junk/direct mail advertising (and so not get anything else).  So for instance, as I live in rented accommodation, there’s no point in double-glazing sales adverts being sent to me.  But there is a point in getting takeaway menus.  I’m sure this sort of information would be valuable to advertisers as they would benefit more for each item of direct mail they sent.  And I would benefit because I would get less direct mail, and I would only get direct mail that was relevant to me.

Bus Conductors

  • Gave a sense of community
  • Stopped trouble before it started – community safety, feel safe
  • Gave added value – information, help, flexibility
  • BUT adds 25 percent to each tick
81% of the vote WOULD pay 25 percent extra on bus fares to bring back Bus Conductors.

Missing luggage on airlines

  • 1 in 200,000 chance of luggage being permanently lost
  • 0.01% chance of luggage not turning up at the right place and the right time, but eventually being recovered
  • Ade’s luggage got lost on the way back! 😀

Environmental Enforcement Officers – Rubbish, Littering etc

  • Fines for littering – yes.
  • Fines for mis-sorting rubbish and recycling – no.
  • Personal responsibility for sorting recycling – yes, with the local council helping too.  But also state role to get companies to reduce amount of packaging.

Public Spirit – how willingly will people help a stranger?

Help parking a car – every person asked helped.  And only one of them laughed.  And 8 out of the 16 people were willing to actually drive the car.  And 4 of them wait for him to get a ticket.  Well done Britain!

Worst pot-holes in Britain

“Yes I’ve paid my tax, now go and fix some pot-holes” – road tax disc holder!

Unsung heroes – Blood Transplant Centre


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