First things to do with a new PC

c/o Revision3’s Tekzilla

First, plug it into a Surge Protector.

Then, get it connected to the Internet.

  1. Find the OS install disk (not a restore disk)
  2. IF it’s a Windows-based machine, format (wipe) the hard drive, and do a clean install of the OS – to get rid of all the “cruft” from the manufacturer.  Alternatively use
  3. Update your drivers, OS, and applications
  4. IF it’s a Windows-based machine, install Microsoft Security Essentials and update it.
  5. Install applications: Chrome, Pidgin (IM for Windows) or Adium (IM for Mac), Skype, VLC Player (video for Windows), Picasa, Sumatra PDF reader (for Windows), Dropbox, 7-zip (decompressor/compressor for Windows),, iTunes, Miro (an internet video RSS downloader), a BitTorrent client…
  6. Alternatively, creates a customised installer for you to install all this in one go without having to sit at the machine for ages.
  7. Once everything is installed and configured, make an image of the entire HardDrive.

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