Analyse and Plan according to Audience and Purpose

Can you think of anything that can’t be analysed according to its audience and purpose?  Can you think of anything that shouldn’t be planned from the starting point of its audience and purpose?

In planning, every decision should flow from what the audience is and what the purpose of the thing is.  What characterises the audience?  Why would they be interested?  What would they want or need?  Then, what is the purpose of the thing?  Broadly, it’s to cater for the audience, but what is the aim of the thing beyond this?  What is it for?  What is it to do?  The more specific you can be about these things, the better.  And the more focussed on these things, the more likely you will be successful.

In analysing the success or otherwise of something, you analyse it on its own merits: how well did it achieve its purpose? How well did it cater for its intended audience?  (Of course, you can then go on to analyse it against broader considerations…)

I learnt this in English Literature at school, but it seems to apply across the board; posters, events, organisations, websites, campaigns…

In Community Development, it would be a crucial tool to use, and a crucial skill to help the community to learn.


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