Is there a Party out there?

Where do I fit?

Big state or small state? I’m on the statist side of things – the “market” would be capable of running most things if it wasn’t for the people involved! So government (unfortunately) has lots of roles to play to serve and protect the people, particularly those deprived in some way. And this is despite my despair over the current state of local and national government and Politics.

Personal liberty and freedom of choice, versus common “traditional” values? I’m on the libertarian side of things here – values, traditions, and even morals arise out of good, sound solutions to problems of the time. But they quickly become oppressive when the values are pushed onto new problems (and people) and are fixed in some way. So I’d rather it was left to the individual (and community?) to continually wrestle with how to live their lives without hurting others. And this is despite my strong moral centre which does think and feel that certain things are wrong.

So I’m not naturally Labour or Conservative or Liberal Democrat then. Is there a party out there that represents these views?


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