Fields of change

Community Development can change the world… partly because it has the capacity to draw together every aspect of life, every profession, and every public service.

It often involves:

  • jobs, economic development, training, and education;
  • issues around the built environment as well as ecological concerns;
  • housing, town planning, and new buildings are often the most visible outputs of community development (and so people think they are the sum total of what Community Development is);
  • leisure, parks, and sports are where people identify “fun” changes;
  • personal and public health are also improved through Community Development, though as with education, the real impact takes a generation to emerge;
  • citizenship, inclusion, faith groups and relations, democratic participation;
  • crime reduction, the reduction of the perception of crime, and community safety;
  • volunteering, community groups and activities
  • …and there must be more.

When it’s proper Community Development, there’s a strategy which draws all these things together “to help people help themselves, help themselves out of poverty, in the context of building communities”.
[This statement is what I say to describe what Community Development is, if you do it as a job.]


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