Need for leadership

How about this for a model for organisations?

Front-line staff empowered in implementation and practice and delivery. Middle-managers supporting them and doing the crucial grunt work of communicating between staff, teams, and management. Strategic managers supporting them, representing the organisation, ensuring long-term resourcing, and crucially doing the Community Development work itself (where the community is the organisation’s staff).

Hierarchy turned on its head. Community Development as a model for organisational structure.

But I think there might be something missing: there’s a need for leadership. So, I’d add a role for the strategic managers, led by the Chief Exec: that of leadership. Leadership defined by service to the community (the staff) and the community (the beneficiaries of the service the organisation provides). Leadership defined as “thinking into the future to find out where we’re going, and then coming back into the present to guide everyone else along that direction”. So the role is carried out in parallel with the front-line staff, so the vision is upheld and constantly referred to, just as the practice and delivery is the primary focus and everything else is to meet the needs of the community (staff, and then beneficiaries).

| old | CD | CD + leadership
middle | MIDDLE | MIDDLE | MIDDLE (facilitative)

Key: CD=Community Development


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